De Bethune Maestri’Art Collection

Denis Flageollet, the watchmaker and creator behind De Bethune, is known as one of the most brilliant watchmakers of his generation, in particular for his technical developments. The new De Bethune Maestri’Art collection reveals another facet of his talent and his passion for Asian art.

The De Bethune Maestri’Art I is an inspired take on the DB27, paying tribute to Japanese Tsubas. A Tsuba is the hand guard of a Japanese sword. Its dark dial matches the colour of the case and it is inlaid with hand-engraved gold Japanese-inspired motifs (tiger and dragon).

The hours and minutes are displayed on a micro-dial in the centre of the watch. Inside is the automatic calibre AutoV2, featuring the brand’s titanium balance wheel with gold inserts, a De Bethune balance spring with a flat terminal curve and a steel escape wheel.

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